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    Hello!<BR><BR>I&#039m having a problem with an array.<BR>This is what i do:<BR><BR>Dim intValue<BR>intValue = 10<BR>Dim SomeArray(intValue)<BR><BR>This doesn&#039t work. I get an "Expected integer constant" error, refering to the &#039intValue&#039 variable.<BR>If I change it to this...<BR><BR>Dim SomeArray(10)<BR><BR> works ok.<BR><BR>Have you got a clue?<BR><BR>Thanks - Peter

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    In VBScript you must use an integer constant to initially decalre an array size. You can get around this by doing the following:<BR><BR>Dim intValue<BR>Dim SomeArray()<BR>Redim SomeArray(intValue)

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