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    Im creating an ASP page to mail a user information that has been POSTed to the ASP via an HTML form. I wanted to be able to query each value to see if it was set to be "hidden" or not.<BR><BR>Ive tried everything I could think of, and Ive surfed for hours trying to come up with the syntax. <BR><BR>Better yet, does anyone know for sure if the "hidden" type definition of each field in a form is passed on to the next page along with the POST?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>-Mark

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    The type of a form field is *NEVER* passed to the next page and can NOT be found out.<BR><BR>If you need to know, name your fields in such a way that you can tell. (e.g., Put "H_" on the front of hidden field names.)<BR><BR>Heck, you can&#039;t even tell the difference between a text field and a &#060;SELECT MULTIPLE&#062;, if the user chooses to type in values separated by comma-spaces!<BR><BR>

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