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    Default "application style" progress bars

    I am looking for some way to create a realistic progress bar to display during lengthy operations. How does an application know how much time is left to execute an operation in order to display a progress bar?

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    Default It will not know

    what i did was use an apriximate time. i know for each opreatin it could be from 40 sec to about 3 min depending on a lot of factors so i put a progress bar for 1 min.<BR><BR><BR>after each min it will check my db to see it the action was completed. the management i think like seeing things moving and i think that was the worst thing on my site......anywho the problem again with that is if it took 1 min and 10 sec it still will wait for another 50 sec before it cheks again.<BR><BR>

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    no problem. Can you share your code?

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    dvorak - i love your new world symphony

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    Thanks alot, I like to do a little coding between performances <BR><BR>;-)

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