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    1st screen user inputs wkorder number, and date worked.<BR>2nd screen retrieve wkorder number, date worked and hours worked and display them. Accepted hours changed input.<BR><BR>3rd update information.<BR><BR>Problem after retrieving information on the 2nd screen i display that information with a response.write on the 3rd screen. My question is i need the wkorder number and date worked to update the hoursworked. How do i access it on the 3rd screen. Should i pass it from the second to the 3rd screen in a session variable. I tried accessing the information using rs("fieldname") but it did not like it. What should i do

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    &#060;input type="hidden" value="&#060;%=rs("hoursworked")%&#062;" name="hourswked"&#062;<BR>request.form("hourswked" )

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