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    As I did yesterday, I would like to post the list of web hosts that you all have said are great or are terrible. If any of you get tired of seeing this list, let me know and I&#039;ll not post it again.<BR><BR>Feel free to post additions to it.<BR><BR>Here it is:<BR><BR><BR>DESIRABLE<BR>---------<BR>• inetdesign2k.com (internetdesign2000.com)<BR>• mavcorp.com<BR>• frontserve.com<BR>• affinity.com<BR>• silicomm.com<BR>• brinkster.com (they&#039;re free!)<BR><BR><BR>UNDESIRABLE<BR>-----------<BR>• FastHosts<BR>• control2.com<BR>• web2010.com

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    thanx a lot, i just joined brinkster

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    Default thats 2 for brinkster <eop>


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