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    hak Guest

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    Hi,<BR>I am using ASP upload and i want to upload my files on remote computer. I get the following error:<BR>Error Type:<BR>Persits.Upload.1 (0x800A001E)<BR>A required privilege is not held by the client.<BR>/jupload/citywatchAddStreamUploadCode.asp, line 13<BR><BR>I am using a virtual directory for that. I have already changed the security setting to low as mentioned in the ASPUpload FAQ. I am using win 2000. Any help will be appreciated.<BR>Thanks<BR>Hak

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    Traxxis Guest

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    Does your user account have the necessary permissions set to perform the operation on the directory? You might have to set that as well, to allow the transfer...

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    HAK Guest

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    Yes, he has the administrative rights.

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