I am new to ASP. I am trying to set up an HTML page with a form sending the responses to an email address using ASP. I have followed the tutorial from this site titled "Sending Email in ASP using CDO" to answer part of my task. In the first part, it tells me I need to make sure I have SMTP installed on my server. In fact I do not. Microsoft Exchange Interent Mail Service is on the server and I get a prompt saying I can not run it and SMTP at the same time. Will this be affecting my ASP code. Trying to learn how to set up the page for my main taks, I have cut and pasted the code from the tutorial "Mailing Form Results" and when I try to run it from my browser I get a resopnse saying it cannnot find the path. Is this because I do not have SMTP installed or is this some other problem?