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    Swarnendu Banerjee Guest

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    Suppose my SQL server is closed right now.If I want to execute ASP pages that in turn does some database manipulation - it is giving me error.Is there any way that I can trap that stuff and let the user know in a sophisticated way........<BR>Thanx

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    fl1rt Guest

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    not sure if I understnad but...<BR><BR>when I need to modify a database or take it offline but it still gets called by an asp page...<BR><BR>I have a simple text file with a flag in it 0 or 1 (off/on) that is used to check if the online database access should be accessed or not.<BR><BR><BR>put a conditional check around your database accessing stuff and toggle the flag as and when you need to. This should stop errors occuring or access when you specify it to.<BR><BR>hope that helps.<BR>

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