I&#039;m in a situation where I&#039;ve got a number of response.redirects working very well on IE & Netscape for PC. This being server-side, I didn&#039;t think I would come across any problems when accessing the same application on IE for the Mac.<BR><BR>What I&#039;m finding is that the response.redirect will work about 10 times on MacIE and then simply stop. Ideally, this woiuld happen and does 95% of the time:<BR><BR>-Page1.asp displays a record set and has a hyperlink to page2.asp<BR>-User clicks on hyperlink, sql insert code on page2.asp executes, and redirects back to page1.asp with the inserted record now displaying on page1.asp.<BR>-If the user wants, they can click on the hyperlink again.<BR><BR>However, on the MAC this all goes well if the user clicks on the hyperlink, say, 10 times. From that point on, if the user clicks the hyperlink, the code on page2.asp executes (including the response.redirect and the insert) but nothing changes. So basically, the user is still on page1.asp, but the redirect never happened so the screen hasn&#039;t chaged and the new record is not displayed.<BR><BR>Actually, if there is no activity on the mac for about 5 minutes, then the redirect works again.<BR><BR>I&#039;m not really sure where to go on this, and I don&#039;t know anybody else that has had the same problem. I&#039;d appreciate any help you guys could offer.<BR><BR>Unfortunately, not using macs is not an option.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Pablo