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    I have a field that is to be either left blank or to have a number typed in, depending on the needs of the user. If the user attempts to enter text, I need a message to instruct them to only enter numbers or leave blank. How do I accomplish this?

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    2 ways to do this:<BR><BR>First client side javascript, make a search on google or something and search form "javascript validation form" and eventually you will find an article on how to make a numeric validation.<BR><BR>Second is Server Side coding using VBscript make a function that verify the input from the textbox or I&#039;m not sure but IsNumeric might help...aneeways try and see!

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    Default Client side JavaScript.

    &nbsp;<BR>You could either test the value in the onblur event or even in the onkeydown event.<BR><BR>Be careful though as you may need to allow them to enter negative number, decimals or thousand seperators.

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