Hi there!<BR> Once a user logs in to my site, he should not be allowed to login from elsewhere. For this reason, I am setting a flag to true in the database when the user logs in, and setting the flag to false when he logs out. This works well, when the user logsout via the &#039;logout&#039; page in the site. But on the other hand if he closes the browser, I am setting the flag to false in the database in session_onEnd event of global.asa file. But, session_onEnd() event doesn&#039;t fire always especially when the server is busy. This is the problem. So if a user forgot to logout, and he comes back next time, still the flag is on. So he is not allowed to logon.<BR>Please help me. Is there anyother method to solve this problem?<BR><BR><BR>BTW, does Response.Redirect work in Session_onEnd() event? If so, will it work even when the browser is closed?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR>Jeba.