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    Hi <BR><BR>I&#039;d need an advice on the following : i have a site which uses a database connection on every page. Is it better creating and destroying the connection object on each page or enclosing it in a session variable that is only created once et destroyed once ?? <BR><BR>Thanks in advance <BR><BR>CCM<BR><BR>PS. I&#039;m sorry about the truth that is I had to crosspost this message as nobody answered it in the ASP Performance forum

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    Check this out, it is more than you are after but you may find something else of interest as well<BR><BR>

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    Having a connection remain open with a session variable?!<BR><BR>I&#039;ve learned to always don&#039;t open the connection until you have too. Only grab the data you have to. And when you are done close that connections ASAP.

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