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    I have been developing with SQL Server 7 with the company I am with for a couple of years. I have now started to do some database driven websites as side projects using SQL Server on a web host. I am considering buying SQL Server 2000 developer edition to do all my local development and testing. Is this wise if my web host is SQL server 7?<BR>A customer needs to transfer customer data from the online database to a local PC (as a extra security precaution). Is this the norm or is all data usually kept in the online database. <BR>A solution I have used in the past is to have SQL Server 7 Desktop installed at the local PC and a local DTS package to transfer data from the online database to the local one. Due to licensing issues I will not be able to load SQL 7 desktop on the clients PC. <BR>Access could be used at the client but I feel like I am stepping back if I go back to Access. Another solution could be to use MSDE that comers with the SQL 2000 developer edition at the client. But then I would not be able to use DTS at the client. Or can I load SQL 2000 Developer edition at each client but use the MSDE engines.<BR>What do other developers do in such situations? <BR>Any advice would be greatly appreciated<BR>Thanks<BR>Danny<BR>

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    Moving the data to a local PC is a waste of time and if the PC is not on the data would not be available.<BR>I would Go with SQL 2000 for the XML capabilities alone!<BR>Good luck

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