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    Hi<BR><BR>How many dll&#039;s should a webapplication be based on?<BR><BR>What performs best in a large webapplication with 1000-10000 visitors a day (based on com on MTS for database and other functionality)? <BR><BR>One dll with all classes.<BR>Many dll&#039;s with few classes. <BR>Many dll&#039;s with only one class. <BR><BR>TJM

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    In terms of performance, there generally isn&#039;t any major differences under MTS. Please note I&#039;m only speaking in general. There are some differences when you get into the area of performance tuning and optimizing. Having said that, you&#039;ll probably want to avoid having all your classes in one dll. Especially if you have a large number of classes as it will cause maintenance and support issues. Having only one class per dll is not necessarily the answer either as it will probably cause headaches if you frequently need to make changes to many dll (and to multiple servers). There are no set rules but I recommend that you group classes that belong together in one dll. If you know that certain classes will always be used together, then it makes sense to place them in one dll.

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