Operating System: Win2K Server and IIS5, IE5<BR><BR>Problem: Expired and /or DELETED web pages being displayed<BR><BR>Have a web site with default.asp <BR>Open site sucessfully and make changes to default.asp<BR>Refresh browser (F5) and changes show as made.<BR>Lets refer to this as "InitialWeb"<BR><BR>Deleted ALL files from above Web Directory and copied in a new set of files for a different application.<BR><BR>Open Web site and get the "initialweb" default.asp details displayed, even though this file has been deleted?.<BR><BR>Browser Refresh still results in deleted page being displayed<BR><BR>Initiating a link off this WRONG page actually initiates a correct sub task (they were both calling a Login.asp)<BR><BR>If this sounds confusing .... well<BR><BR>IE5 settings to "Check for New Versions - Every Visit"<BR><BR>I am at my wits end over this <BR><BR>Advice please.<BR><BR>Robin<BR><BR><BR>