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    We are moving a site to a new server (from WinNT to Win2000) and and having problem with ODBC.<BR>I can display an ASP page, but when I try to connect to a database, I get the "Page cannot be displayed" error. I don&#039;t get an ASP error.<BR><BR>Everything seems to be configured the same way on both servers, but it just won&#039;t work on the Win2000.<BR><BR>Can anyone give some helpful hints?<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    Default Have server debugging turned on

    Credit or discredit to ElementKTips<BR><BR>Right-click on your Web site in the Internet Information Services snap-in and choose Properties. On the Home Directory tab, click Configuration. Select the App Debugging tab and select Enable ASP Server-side Script Debugging. Programmatically, you can enable/disable server-side debugging with the following code snippet:<BR><BR>Set oADS = GetObject("IIS://localhost/W3SVC")<BR>oADS.AppAllowDebugging = True/False<BR>oADS.SetInfo<BR>Set oADS = Nothing<BR>

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