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    Can somebody tell me how to generate a table with alternate row color ? and control 10 number of records in a table ?

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    When your looping through your recordset (I assume that&#039s what your doing), have a boolen variable that is set to true for the first color and false for the second. During each itteration change the boolean. For example (mostly psuedo code):<BR><BR>dim myBoolean<BR>&#039assuming rs is your recordset object<BR><BR>myBoolean = true<BR>while not rs.eof<BR> if myBoolean then<BR> &#039set table row to first color and fill in data<BR> myBoolean = not(myBoolean)<BR> else<BR> &#039set table row to second color and fill in data<BR> myBoolean = not(myBoolean)<BR> end if<BR>wend<BR><BR>As for as control 10 number of records, I think what your looking for can be found by searching for an article on &#039paging&#039 here in 4Guys.<BR><BR>If you need any more help with this email me

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