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    Scott A. Guest

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    OK, I&#039;m using both Oracle and SQLServer with ASP (ADO) on unrelated projects. Is there any "standard" way to get a system-generated, unique key from the database after doing an insert? I need the new key back after doing the insert so I can create some child records in other tables.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve already thought of the "create-your-own-key-for-the-insert-then-select-it-and-get-the-unique-one-in-the-process" solution. I was hoping there was something more efficient than that. That solution has about as much appeal as a broken bottle full of anthrax. Especially since I will have a Titanic-sized load of tables. There has to be an easier standard way, even if it&#039;s database specific. <BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Scott

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    Default Look at this...

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    Scott A. Guest

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    Hey, Bill <BR>If I would&#039;ve gotten it answered the first time I wouldn&#039;t have crossed it....any ideas on my actual problem?<BR><BR>

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    Not sure if it is what you want,but:<BR>You can write trigger(sql server) on "insert" which will give you output with a new inserted value.

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    jamar Guest

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    For SQL Server:<BR>1. After you commit the record by updating the recordset open a second recordset using the query below: <BR> "select @@identity as &#039;NewGeneratedID&#039; from table " <BR><BR>--This should give you what you need<BR><BR>I&#039;m not sure about Oracle. hope this helps.

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