I have a page that needs to delete information from a table then insert information back into the table. The page has three recordsetDTC&#039s. One opens the table the second recordsetDTC uses a sql statement to delete all records from the table and the third recordsetDTC inserts information back into the table. How can I get this to work? Also what&#039s wrong with this sql statement: INSERT INTO AttendanceC<BR> (EmployeeNumber, LastName, FirstName, `Memo`, <BR> WMLOA, PMLOA, RestrictionType, RestrictionDate, <BR> `TimeStamp`, absent, CostCenter)<BR>SELECT `User`.EmployeeNumber, `User`.LastName, <BR> `User`.FirstName, TMEmployeeList.`Memo`, <BR> TMEmployeeList.WMLOA, TMEmployeeList.PMLOA, <BR> TMEmployeeList.RestrictionType, <BR> TMEmployeeList.RestrictionDate, <BR> TMEmployeeList.`TimeStamp`, <BR> TMEmployeeList.absent, `User`.CostCenter<BR>FROM `User`, TMEmployeeList<BR>WHERE `User`.EmployeeNumber = TMEmployeeList.EmployeeNumber<BR> AND <BR> (`User`.CostCenter = &#039& Session("CostCenterID")&#039)<BR><BR>Please give me an example if you can.<BR>Thanks