I have a page that loads all the names from a DB onto a listbox on load. But I have a search utility in this page too that allows a user to search (using Javascript) the records by last name and overwriting the results in the same listbox. When the user has selected a name then he can submit the form by clicking the submit button to take him to the details page. <BR><BR>Say a user uses the search utility on the first page, selects a name, then clicks submit. Using NS 4.7 when a user clicks the back button to go to the first page, I see the results of the search utility. (THIS is what I want.) But on IE when I hit the back button, I see all the names instead of just the search utilit results. In other words, IE "refreshes" the page and loads the page as if it&#039;s an initial load. <BR><BR>How can I "tell" IE NOT to refresh when I click the back button, but instead show me what the last state of the page was when I left off?