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    Using great 4guys article on bar charts. I need to use one row from my db for the data points. I did it this way.<BR> <BR>for each fldF in rsProfile.Fields<BR> dArray(j) = fldF.Value<BR> next<BR> <BR>I then do the barchart procedure, sending it dArray. The problem is that when I try to set the bar height, the barchart procedure has no values in the data point array. I know this because, as a check, I printed the values in this array and they were 0s. I know the values are getting in dArray ok becuase I printed them out after the above code. Why doesnt the procedure get sent the array values??<BR>Thanks so much for your help.

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    can you refer interms of field name<BR>while not (fldF.eof)<BR> dArray(j) = fldF(" ") - field name value.<BR> fldF.movenext<BR> j = j +1;<BR>wend<BR>

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    Well, I have 30 fields in this db that I need to display in this barchart. It has been a stumper for me.

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