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    I have problem with retrieving session, I have 3 FORMS and would like to get the session to work on FORM 2 and FORM 3 but unable to get the session to FORM 3, FORM 1 is where I assigned the value for session. <BR><BR>In FORM 1 I assigned session as follow: <BR><BR>Session("test") = "MySession" <BR><BR>In FORM 2 I retrieve session as follow: <BR><BR>If Session("test") = "MySession" then <BR> go somewhere <BR>end if <BR><BR>In FORM 3 I retrieve session again as follow: <BR><BR>If Session("test") = "MySession" then <BR> do something <BR>End if <BR><BR>I response.write session("test") in FORM 2 and FORM 3 but only get the value for FORM 2 not in FORM 3 why is that? <BR><BR><BR>TIA <BR>

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    Default try posting 40 more times!


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    ...the form tags for all three forms please.

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    Default I know ....

    There is a reason your post isn&#039;t being answered.<BR><BR>YOUR QUESTION IS VAGUE ... post some code ... explain better what you are doing .... <BR><BR>Something ....<BR>Throw me a friggen bone here.

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