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    wini Guest

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    cmdCodeSave.Commandtext="Insert into WBS_CODE_DEFINITION (ID,Code_Value,Code_Description,Created_Date,Creat ed_by,WBS_Level_Id) values(1,varCodeValue,VarCodeDesc,Date(),&#039;ABC &#039;,varLevel)"<BR> Set rs = cmdCodeSave.Execute<BR><BR>It gives error as too few parameters<BR>

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    Default This an Access DB? <eop>


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    wini Guest

    Default RE: This an Access DB? <eop>


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    Reggie Guest

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    I assume 1 and &#039;ABC&#039; are static but the rest appear to be variables. If so, you to recognize them as variables.<BR><BR>cmdCodeSave.Commandtext="Insert into WBS_CODE_DEFINITION (ID,Code_Value,Code_Description,Created_Date,Creat ed_by,WBS_Level_Id) values(1,"&varCodeValue&","&VarCodeDesc&","&Date() &",&#039;ABC&#039;,"&varLevel&")"

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