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    I have a welcome page and there are:<BR><BR>button <BR>button <BR>button<BR><BR>and so on when user click button he goes to the main page which look like<BR><BR>buttons &#124___top frame______________<BR> in the frame &#124<BR> &#124redirect.asp<BR> &#124<BR><BR>redirect.asp is script which checks what user clicked in the welcome page (f.e. with Request.Query string and use Response.Redirect to load proper page into redirect.asp place<BR><BR><BR>but it doesnt work :(<BR>when i load asp page it works<BR>but with frame site it doesnt :(<BR><BR>Netscape wasns about page that have no content and Explorer shows nothing<BR><BR>why? and how to solve that?<BR><BR><BR>thanx<BR><BR>Just me

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    You can&#039;t redirect just the main frame, the whole thing will get redirected. Why you are getting the error probably because you are passing a parm to a html page which can&#039;t do anything with it while leaving the main page blank.The only way to change contents of specific frame is with either javascript or href + target. An alternative approach, although this probably defeats the purpose is to have index.asp (instead of htm) dynamically create frames page ie click of button reposts to index.asp which determines the contents of main from it. That way the whole page gets refreshed. But why not just put the links in for the buttons and use javascript to change main or is it really more eloborate than that?

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