I have two arrays. The first array is two dimensional and simply looks like this...<BR><BR>1 Windows31<BR>2 windows95<BR>3 windows98<BR>4 windowsnt<BR>5 linux<BR>6 solaris<BR>etc...<BR><BR>The second comes from a text field in an access database. The value is typically something like this <BR><BR>curval = 1,3,5<BR><BR>I split this array using the following...<BR><BR>tpc = split(curVal,",")<BR><BR>What I need to do is loop through the second array to eventually show the user the corresponding value from the first array. IE...<BR><BR>if curval = 1,3,5<BR><BR>then<BR><BR>Windows31 <BR>windows98<BR>linux<BR><BR>Would all be selected. Any help at all would be appreciated. You may email me directly if you think you may have a solution to this problem.<BR><BR>Jeremy Weber<BR>jweber@mecasw.com<BR>