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    I am new to ASP, so please bare with me.<BR>I have a recordset currently open, and then what I want to do is go to the next record, but I don&#039;t really know how to...<BR>I have tried a button with the OnClick"&#060;%rstSearch.movenext%&#062;", but that does not seem to work...and I don&#039;t know if it does...even if it does work I still have to update the textboxes the values are located in...<BR><BR>please help, and remember I am new. So I don&#039;t really even know where to begin...<BR><BR>thanx, <BR><BR>nick

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    Default Please Please Please

    show us your code!<BR><BR>

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    That code will not work. ASP code is run on the server before being passed out to a web page. You cannot re-access ASP data without another call to the server (reloading the page or going to a new one).<BR><BR>The two ways to update your textboxes are:<BR><BR>1)Keep the ID of the next record in the recordset in a hidden textbox and then submit the form, using that ID to get the values you need.<BR><BR>2)Pass the recordset values into a javascript array and update the textboxes from that array when you click the button.<BR><BR>Either of these would work

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