I just read Scott Mitchell&#039;s article about converting a recordset to XML. I am currently using a function very similar to his and it works well. However, I&#039;m wondering if anyone has considered the possibility that some of the recordset fields could contain XML that should be processed by XSLT later. When you use the DOM to add the value of the field to your XML, special characters are escaped, and you&#039;re not able to treat them as elements during transformation. (note that this is a different issue than preserving HTML via a CDATA section)<BR><BR>The only way I&#039;ve been able to overcome this is to convert my recordset to a regular string that contains XML. Of course then, all of my recordset fields have to contain valid XML. Also, the string method seems a little less efficient than using the DOM.<BR><BR>Has anyone else run into this issue and solved it?<BR><BR>Paul<BR>