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    I found tip #6 (Create Parameters Manually) in http://windows.oreilly.com/news/ado_0601.html rather distressing, so I went poking about MSDN and found only that use of explicit ADO parameters saves one from the odious .Refresh call...<BR><BR>What I want to know is whether or not writing the extra .Parameters code will perform better than my hand-crafted string like "usr_prc_foo &#039;param1&#039;, &#039;param2&#039;" <BR><BR>URL would be great evidence, thanks.<BR>

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    I would guess that any performance delta is fairly minimal. However, I do find explicit parameters about a million times easier to read, maintain and debug. To me, that&#039;s much more important than performance. So it&#039;s a bit more code... big deal!<BR><BR>Dunc

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