How do I create DLL so I do not have to use .asp F

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Thread: How do I create DLL so I do not have to use .asp F

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    Default How do I create DLL so I do not have to use .asp F

    HOw do I create DLL so I can use it as :<BR><BR><BR><BR>to perform task .Similar as .asp file. I was told that if I use .dll it is much faster and safer than the .asp file..<BR><BR>I have noticed that ****.com is also using only one dll throughout the whole site..Can I do that and How can use it after I create one..<BR><BR><BR>Thanks<BR>MAMIN<BR><BR>

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    Default On Win2k, this is way overrated.

    The improvements made in the scripting engine many times outperform COM components. In cases where it doesn&#039;t outperform ASP, the difference is usually minimal.<BR><BR>Storing all of your site&#039;s code in one DLL is bad practice.<BR><BR>Not only are you using resources not required by a page, the administration of registering/reregistering COM components whenever a change is made can cause at least some downtime.<BR><BR>Personally, I would use COM components only for certain complex business logic. Outside of that, they are more hassle than the "sometimes" small performance gain (if any) is worth.

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