Hi, Is someone can help me with this "SERIOUS" questions. I changed the Interface of our old DLL and compiled it with "No Compatibility" as it was set before by someone who created this DLL in a first place. I have made a numerous testing on our Developer Server and it works fine. This Dll is created as MTS component with Site Server and located on our Server and we&#039;re planning to implement new functionality in the future. My question is: <BR><BR> 1.Would I have any issues on our website with this "New COM"(as with a clean slate of identifiers) by keeping the File Name of our COM and the Project Name UNCHANGED? <BR><BR> 2.Because we&#039;re expecting a lot of changes, is in it better to keep the version compatibility setted to "No Comp-ty"-? <BR><BR> 3.And if this COM located only on our Server, we would&#039;t have any overlaping with the old versions? <BR><BR> 4. What about users who accessed the Old version of this DLL? Do they have pointers on their hard-drives?<BR><BR>This is my first DLL and I would appreciate any help/time on this topic. Thanks, Alena <BR>