copy table's data from outside database?

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Thread: copy table's data from outside database?

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    Mirian Guest

    Default copy table's data from outside database?

    one company have two database located different place,they have diffenent work <BR>A database:deal with data <BR>B database:receive data from outside <BR>How can I let A copy table&#039;s data from B when A send a ASP request page to B? <BR><BR>Thank your bright idea ! <BR>

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    KevinT Guest

    Default Don't crosspost

    Crossposting is a bad thing. But to answer you question.<BR><BR>All you need to do is open B database and request the data you need. Then open database A and do a recordset update loop for the data from B. I think this is what you are asking for, but I am really not sure.

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    Mirian Guest

    Default RE: Don't crosspost

    I think crossposting really not good.but it&#039;s safe to insulate<BR>database from outside environment,then database inside can keep safe.<BR><BR>I need a safe and fast way to get the data from ouside databse.<BR>Can we think out that?<BR>

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    KevinT Guest

    Default Ok I am not understanding.

    Ok what kinda of database are you using MS Access, SQL, Oracle, ect. Lets start from there.

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    Mirian Guest

    Default RE: Ok I am not understanding.

    sincerely thank your help!!<BR><BR>A and B are SQL server<BR>about 10 tables in it<BR>A only request 2~4 tables from B.but data is big.<BR>A do that once everynight.

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