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    ASP vs JSP<BR>which technology is fast and why.<BR>Thanks

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    For speed JSP is going to to be the answer. The reason is that JSP pages are written with Java not any script. JSP also has superior error handling again becuase is it using real Java. Another advantage is cross-platform support, JSP is not limited to Microsoft servers. All of this comes with a steeper learning curve than ASP or some other server side scripting and there is much more info out about ASP currently. Of course all of this may become moot when comes out.

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    Actually, all the real-world perfomance data I&#039;ve seen indicates that ASP is faster than JSP... It&#039;s a common misconception that ASP script is parsed every time - this is not the case! They are interpreted once, then the executable code is cached.<BR><BR>Gotta agree on the error handling - VBScript&#039;s "error handling" isn&#039;t worthy of the name. Still, you can write ASP in JScript to get try &#124 catch &#124 finally.<BR><BR>You can already run ASP on other platforms.<BR><BR>I must say, I think trying to choose a technology based on a single factor (speed) is a VERY bad idea. For starters, what do you mean by speed? If you&#039;re interested in benchmarking you probably already know that your results often tell you more about your tests than the thing you&#039;re testing. There are many other very important factors like support, infrastructure requirements, developer skills, maitainabilty, application architecture, political / religous beliefs...<BR><BR>For what it&#039;s worth, the only company I&#039;ve worked with that used JSP extensively is currently completely rewriting it&#039;s flagship product because they found their JSPs completely unmaintainable. This is a hardcore software company specialising in Java. Doesn&#039;t encourage me...<BR><BR>Dunc

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