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    Hi all,<BR><BR>I have some troubles opening a connection to my databases<BR><BR>Under the connString is the error I get when I use the following connString:<BR><BR>strConnString = "dsn=wireless; UID=tester; PWD=secret" <BR><BR>ADODB.Connection.1 error &#039;80004005&#039; <BR><BR>SQLState: 01000<BR>Native Error Code: 32<BR>SQLState: 08S01<BR>Native Error Code: 11<BR>[MERANT][ODBC SQL Server Driver][libssclient15]General network error. Check your network documentation.<BR>[MERANT][ODBC SQL Server Driver][libssclient15]ConnectionRead (recv()).<BR><BR><BR>/asp/wireless/display_wireless_properties.asp, line 39 <BR><BR>This is the error when I use the following connString:<BR><BR>strConnString = "dsn=wireless"<BR><BR>ADODB.Connection.1 error &#039;80004005&#039; <BR><BR>SQLState: 08001<BR>Native Error Code: 0<BR>[MERANT][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Insufficient information to connect to the data source<BR><BR><BR>/asp/wireless/display_wireless_properties.asp, line 41 <BR><BR>Can you help me out?<BR><BR>Many tnx in advance!<BR><BR>Gerard<BR><BR>

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    I would, at a guess, say you&#039;re using SQL server (?)<BR><BR>try using OLEDB connectionstrings instead of DSNs. DSNs are slow by comparison<BR><BR><BR><BR>j

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    Yes I use sql server<BR><BR>Can you tell me how the string would look like?<BR><BR>tnx

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