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    alicia Guest

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    I am using drop down menu to create date (day, month, year) and want to check that the 1st date is not larger than the 2nd. this is my code but it is not functioning. please advice. thanks.<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR><BR>dim StartDate<BR>dim EndDate<BR><BR>StartDate = theForm.MonthStartsLeave.value & "/" & theForm.DayStartsLeave.value & "/" & theForm.YearStartsLeave.value<BR>EndDate = theForm.MonthEndstartsLeave.value & "/" & theForm.DayEndsLeave.value & "/" & theForm.YearEndsLeave.value<BR><BR>If Cdate(StartDate) &#062; Cdate(EndDate) Then<BR>MsgBox "Invalid"<BR><BR><BR>End If<BR>%&#062;<BR>

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    you may think this is irrelevant, but WHY are you calling form values from server-side ASP in a manner which looks like you&#039;re trying to call client-side values?? are you confused about client/server operations?<BR><BR>this would require submitting the form, in which case the vars would be in Request.Form or Request.Querystring, not &#039;theForm&#039;<BR><BR>j

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    Alicia Guest

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    I really blur.This is my 1st using ASP.I should call from the server what should I write?<BR>Request.Form("DayStartsLeave")?

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