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    Never use FastHosts as a hosting company. Please pass the word along to anyone you know that is looking for a hosting company. Just make sure that they DON&#039;T USE FASTHOSTS!!!! They are NOT FAST and they are not a good HOST!!!<BR><BR>Truly, they suck! I have never dealt with a more unprofessional group of lazy miscreants in all my days! Not to mention a little dishonest too!<BR><BR>Just pass the word along. This is some negative advertising that they deserve. I&#039;m relieved to see that this messageboard (which I respect highly, by the way) is not advertising for them. I don&#039;t want any fellow developers to lose time or money with these clowns like I did.<BR><BR>DON&#039;T USE FASTHOSTS!!!<BR><BR>FASTHOSTS BAD!!!!

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    What reasons have you got for not using them?<BR>It is always nice to know what has gone wrong with them for you? I&#039;m not defending them, but just saying someone is no good is not a good enough reason for everyone to blacklist them.<BR>Curious is all.

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    Tony Guest


    I understand your comment completely and I would be more than happy to supply you some reasons.....<BR><BR>• Very frequent downtime.<BR><BR>• Extremely slow response to technical questions and other customer service issues. In all fairness, I must state here that I *did* talk to one very helpful customer service technician (although the issues were never resolved) but I have since learned that that must have been the exception to the rule.<BR><BR>• I was going to host my client&#039;s web site with them and quickly found out that I was unable to connect to their SQLServer. They dragged their feet about getting the problem resolved (and it never did get resolved, by the way). There was also a lot of confusion on their part regarding our domain name - again, that issue was never resolved. There are myriad other issues I could go into - not one of them was solved.<BR><BR>• In order to get a response, I would have to threaten to close my account - then they would listen (but as stated above, nothing was ever fixed).<BR><BR>• After having grown quite tired of screaming for a response (and never seeing any improvement or progress) I finally decided to close the account as I had threatened many times to do. It took them TWO WEEKS to even acknowledge that request! By the time we got everything closed out, I was beyond the 30-trial period and they refused to refund my client&#039;s money - even though it was THEIR fault (because of their unprecedented slow response time) that this took so long and I had never even had the enjoyment of actually utilizing their services. THEY HAVE CHARGED ME (my client actually) FOR SERVICES NOT RENDERED AND REFUSE TO REFUND THE MONEY.<BR><BR>I hope the list above provides at least a glimpse into the unprofessional world that is FarceHosts - I mean, FastHosts.<BR><BR>I would be delighted to entertain any further questions regarding my favorite hosting company.<BR><BR>~~ Tony<BR><BR>P.S. Needless to say, I&#039;m looking for another hosting company and am inclined to go with MaximumASP. If you (or anyone else) has heard anything about them, I would be happy to hear about it.

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