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    Default Im stupid need help

    Why will this not give me the answer of 3 if (rsSearch.Fields("FAQ_POPULARITY").Value) = 2 and<BR><BR>byOne = 1<BR><BR>(rsSearch.Fields("FAQ_POPULARITY").Value) +(byOne)

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    Default Does it give you 21?

    If it gives you an answer of 21, then the problem is that the field FAQ_POPULARITY in the table is *not* a numeric field. It is probably (and likely incorrectly?) a text field of some kind.<BR><BR>I&#039;d recommend changing the field type. But you could fix the immediate problem via<BR><BR>CLng( rsSearch("FAQ_POPULARITY") )+ byOne<BR><BR>Just force the value from the DB to be a number.<BR><BR>Oh, and the reason: + *can* be interpreted by VBS to mean String Concatenation (same as & operator) when a string is on the left side of the + sign.<BR><BR>

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