I have quotes and doublequotes problem

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Thread: I have quotes and doublequotes problem

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    Chunkey Pandey Guest

    Default I have quotes and doublequotes problem

    I have a page with three textarea. After submiting the page, I take the user to a confirmation page. I am using hiddenfield and request.form as follows<BR>&#060;input type="hiddenfield" name="deta" value="&#060;%Request("deta")%&#062;"&#062;<BR><BR >Here what happens if my text has for eg. I am doing "asp"<BR>then my value of deta becomes<BR>value="I am doing "asp" As a result when the user actually submits the data into the database, this is what stores - I am doing - without the quotes text<BR>This problem gets resolves when I am changing the hiddenfield attribute as follows<BR>&#060;input type="hiddenfield" name="deta" value=&#039;&#060;%Request("deta")%&#062;&#039;&#0 62;<BR>But then what do do if a users enter text with single quotes... any solution for this

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    Default *LOL* not you again!


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    Default RE: I have quotes and doublequotes problem

    We had a discussion about this awhile back. I think Heaven&#039;s Martini came up with a solution since he was running into the same problem. You can see if he&#039;ll give it to ya...<BR><BR>otherwise, you may want to do some client side script to replace some of the unwanted chars outta there...

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    Chunkey Pandey Guest

    Default Could not find, can somebody help??


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