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    I am attempting to create my own forum using pure ASP with a mySQL backend. I am doing this so I can port it over to PHP, and have my own cross-platform forum (don't ask). Anyway, can this be done easily without CGI's? Any programming or resource tips?

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    Well, pure ASP obvioulsy won&#039;t port to Linux (without a costly plugin).<BR><BR>The only way you can make this cross platform is to code the whole thing in Java... that&#039;ll be the most painless way.<BR><BR>In short, if you don&#039;t, there won&#039;t be anything easy... you&#039;re asking the equivalent of "I want to learn English so I can go to America, but will eventually live in France."<BR><BR>Is Java an option for ya? It can be called from ASP/PHP, on either Win32 or Linux.

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    Default Please no Java

    I can&#039;t use Java, so what I want to do is create 2 separate (but as similar as possible) interfaces to access the same structure of mySQL database. I am developing a website for 2 different locations, both want forums; one uses IIS, and the other uses Apache. That&#039;s why I am hoping for any resources that people may be aware of. I want to do as little recoding as possible.

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    Default Well...You *Can*....

    Spring for Chilisoft, which will run whatever ASP you write (with minimal modifications, I believe) on an Apache server and a supported OS.<BR>

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