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    Hi, Is someone can help me with this "SERIOUS" questions. I changed the Interface of our old DLL and compiled it with "No Compatibility" as it was set before by someone who created this DLL in a first place. I have made a numerous testing on our Developer Server and it works fine. This Dll is created as MTS component with Site Server and located on our Server and we&#039;re planning to implement some new functionality in a future. My question is: -1.Would I have any issues on our website with this "New COM"(as with a clean slate of identifiers) by keeping the File Name of our COM and the Project Name UNCHANGED? 2.Because we&#039;re expecting a lot of new functionality, is in it better to keep the version compatibility setted to "No Comp-ty"-? 3.And if this COM located only on our Server, we would&#039;t have any overlaping with the old versions? 4. What about users who accessed the Old version of this COM ? Do they have pointers on their hard-dicks? <BR>This is my first DLL and I would appreciate any help/time on this topic. Thanks, Alena

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    I have just spent a week deciding that MTS is not worth it for the time being, so my comments are from reading, not experience.<BR>1) I understand that if you regenerate the DLL with no compatibility, then it will have a new GUID. This GUID will no longer match your MTS component definition, so you would have to delete and recreate the MTS component entry. Otherwise, MTS will try to launch your DLL by referencing the old GUID which apparently won&#039;t work. If you choose binary compatibility with your existing .DLL, then you shouldn&#039;t have to change the MTS entry since the GUID number will stay the same.<BR>2) If there is existing software that relies upon the original interface to your component, then you are supposed to leave that interface alone and create a new one as necessary to support new functionality and/or modified interfaces you have provided for your component. So your modified component should support BOTH the old and new interfaces. I don&#039;t know how the compatibility mode works if you are adding new interfaces, so it is probably better to delete and recreate your MTS component.<BR>HTH

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