Has anyone ever created subwebs automatically?? Like using active server <BR>pages to create the subwebs and to add the permissions? I have tried one <BR>way by using an component called aspExec that allows me to run dos based <BR>applications. I use aspExec to run owsadm.exe that lets me create the <BR>subweb, but I&#039;m having problems with setting permissions with owsadm. What <BR>I want to be able to do is create a subweb with one user that has author <BR>rights, and 2 other groups that have administrator writes. Is possible to <BR>do this all at once like: owsadm -o create ........ If anyone knows the <BR>correct syntax for owsadm.exe or knows of any other way I can create subwebs <BR>using asps PLEASE let me know. <BR>