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    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR> Hi all, <BR> I want to let the user download a file from my web page but I don&#039;t want them to know the location of the file. The download files are stored on a different server to my asp files so I have to point the links to http://theserver/files/downloads/thefile.doc etc <BR>but when the file opens in the browser it displays the whole address and when you click on "Save" it tries to initially save it to the web server where the files are located - is there any way to stop this happening?

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    Kentium Guest

    Default try this

    http://www.pc-help.org/obscure.htm<BR><BR>instructions for obscuring any URL.

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    OK this is problematic, depending on your security settings you may be able to load the file as binary into ado recordset and do a response.binary write of the file setting response.contenttype = to the correct mime type of the file. This would hide the files location. If you can&#039;t do that then you could copy the file using fso to local server first then use method above. Slow and resourse intensive.<BR><BR>As for browser opening file, the only way to prevent this is to change mime type to something other than msword etc, which you can only accomplish with binary write, or by changing extension of files.

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