I&#039;m using a dynamic query along the lines of SELECT * from Request.QueryString("Table_Nm") <BR><BR>I&#039;ve got this data put into an update form and the user&#039;s submitted changes and gone to the action page. I&#039;ve read Bill&#039;s FAQ on "How can I retrieve the fields in my form in the order they appear in the form?" at aspfaqs.com but now need help in building an insert query using these values. <BR><BR>i.e INSERT INTO Request.QueryString("Table_Nm") (*List of Field Names Dynamically Generated Using 1st Query*) VALUES (*List of Form Values Submitted*)<BR><BR>Bottom Line..I&#039;m new to ASP and know I&#039;m stretching my abilities with this one....<BR><BR>BTW Much thanks to those of you who pointed out my bonehead mistake in yesterdays post.