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    Bill H. Guest

    Default Interdev settings

    This thing is freaking me out here. For some reason, all of my code inside the <% %> tags is yellow. As in all of it. So the ASP server side code is no longer color coded. It's all yellow. Any reason why it would suddenly do this?

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    Its just a freak incident in InterDev. The easiest way to get it to stop is save the file and re-open it.<BR><BR>

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    Bill H. Guest

    Default Tried that...

    I&#039;ve saved the file and reopened, I&#039;ve reset all on the editor options, I&#039;ve closed down Interdev and reopened....nothing. Next step might be to reboot or something.

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    Breathe! Guest

    Default RE: Interdev settings

    Breathe! Its all good... Interdev has an odd quirk (not really a bug)...<BR><BR>Look in your yellow code. Are there any other percentage signs in it? If so, throw it in quotes, or break a line of code anywhere.<BR><BR>That should take care of it.

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    Bill H. Guest

    Default Nope

    See, that&#039;s the funny thing. This is doing that on code that was previously fine. Yesterday the code looked fine, today everything&#039;s yellow. I even tried making a new page that just had &#060;% bbb %&#062; and it turned everything yellow. ARRRGGGGHHHH!!! I just installed SP5 for Visual Studio, which is supposed to fix the problem, but it didn&#039;t.

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