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    Hi all,<BR> I want to let the user download a file from my web page but I don&#039;t want them to know the location of the file. The download files are stored on a different server to my asp files so I have to point the links to http://theserver/files/downloads/thefile.doc etc<BR>but when the file opens in the browser it displays the whole address and when you click on "Save" it tries to initially save it to the web server where the files are located - is there any way to stop this happening?

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    Maybe you can put up an FTP site and jut link to that so it is downloaded on the clients machine

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    Default ASPTear or similar?

    How about using a thirdparty product to go and get the file (actually you may even be able to use FSO?)and then you display the file contents in a DIV (or similar) - then the user gets to see the content but not the location....

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