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    Default Drag and Drop by ASP

    I want to have the feature of Drag and Drop in the ASP. Any reference would be appreciated

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    Default Nothing to do with ASP...

    This is all a matter of client-side coding, and whether and how much is possible depends entirely on what browser the user is running.<BR><BR>At a minimum, you need to study a *LOT* about DHTML, and how it works differently in different browsers.<BR><BR>You might start here:<BR>&nbsp; &nbsp; http://www.dansteinman.com/dynduo/<BR><BR>If you can work your way through the first 32 chapters there, *AND UNDERSTAND THEM ALL* and work some examples on your own, then you&#039;re probably ready to tackle it, esp. with the help of chapters 6 and 7 of the third section.<BR><BR>Warning: This site is *NOT* up to date! Netscape 6 is different yet again! But if you can do MSIE 4 and MSIE 5 and NS 4, then NS 6 won&#039;t take that much longer to learn, too.<BR><BR>

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    Default go flash

    I&#039;d go the flash route if this is something you have<BR>to do rather quickly (why, I have no idea)<BR>(oh, and why you thought this had to do with ASP, <BR>again, no clue).<BR><BR>DHTML is a lot cooler, IMHO, but, flash is a hell<BR>of a lot easier to do.<BR><BR>Flash is neato.

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    BAN FLASH!!<BR><BR>Nothing peeves me more than having to sit through some stupid web site&#039;s Flash intro... least the smart ones allow me to bypass it.<BR><BR>Oh, and . I don&#039;t know if you knew it, but that link you gave is real... and not really that bad of a site ;) Seems like a place to vent for web guys. Was that the intention? Or were you just being an ***?

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