OT: using asp to aid in streaming audio?

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Thread: OT: using asp to aid in streaming audio?

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    Default OT: using asp to aid in streaming audio?

    This is slightly off topic, but I would like to make my site encode uploaded mp3&#039;s automatically to stream. Of course I am looking at Windows Media, but I can not find any information of a scripting lanuage that interfaces with it. I don&#039;t want to have to encode everysong that an artist uploads individually, or much less at all. I want it to script it all out so it takes care of it self. Does anyone have any advice on this situation or if this can even be done? I just can&#039;t imagine that the large sites do this by hand, but maybe I am wrong.<BR><BR>Kode

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    Default Check this out...

    http://www.shoutcast.com/support/docs/<BR><BR>Read up on how other broadcasters are doing it, and if you still have specific questions come back.

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    I have been playing with SHOUTcast all day. I think that is my solution, but I was hoping for an asp alternative. Their documentation could be a tad more descriptive but I should just shake their hand since it is free. I have had difficulty getting it to work the way I wanted so I was turning towards WMA. I will search for some more info on shoutcast then, thx.<BR><BR>Kode

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