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    Hello, (THIS IS CROSSPOSTING - I&#039;ve already put this question on IIS/PWS Q&A) <BR>We have a website running on Interland&#039;s Servers, but I&#039;m trying to create a testing web site on our server. We&#039;ve a Win NT 4 Server running IIS4. I don&#039;t know how to install the extra componnents for using for example CDONTS.newmail! <BR>Can you help me! <BR>Thanks a lot!

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    Hmm...I think you need the NT4 Resource Kit....or you could upgrade to Win2K.

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    CDONTS was installed on IIS4.<BR>Well, if not, all you have to do is register<BR>the cdonts.dll (uhh, is that the *exact* name?)<BR>on the server.<BR><BR>if you don&#039;t have it, I think you can download it<BR>(try microsoft?)<BR>if not, email me here

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