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    hi<BR> can anyone tell me how to do this:<BR> <BR> when i select a 100th element from a list box, the corresponding 100th value must automatically appear in other list box from a database. example: if i select the name of a person in the 100th place then in other list boxes automatically his age, weight etc., should show up. and correspondingly i should get for any other position. i&#039;ve tried with onchange event mehod but, its not working.<BR>thanks.<BR><BR> my email:

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    remember the onchange event goes in &#060;select&#062; tag notin option tag. Just set value of option tag to some numeric id then create javascript 2d array with corresponding info in correct index to array. In onchange use option value to index into array to get values to pass to text boxes etc. if you need some code to do this check

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    Default Do you *mean* ... other "LIST boxes"???<BR><BR>Why would you put his age, weight, etc., into a &#060;SELECT&#062; list??? Wouldn&#039;t you just display it in ordinary text fields???<BR><BR>Anyway, do you want to do this all in the browser or do you want to make a "round trip" to the server and do it with ASP code?<BR><BR>If all in the browser, look at and search for "dynamic lists".<BR><BR>If all in ASP, I have a demo at ... look for the "categories" demo. It only shows two lists, but the idea is the same.<BR><BR>

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