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    Default Uploading files to IIS

    I am working on ASP files on my local machine which is in Domain "Domain1". My IIS server is setup in another domain "Domain2". I want to upload my files ocassionaly to this iis server. And I want my default webpage to display when I enter www.testweb.com . What are the steps involved in doing this.<BR>Also to upload my file to IIS do I need Front Page Extensions Running on this IIS Server Machine.

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    Default well, most people use FTP....

    frontpage extensions are for absolute doofi (plural of doofus, btw) - try not to use them....<BR><BR><BR>j

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    Default Agree, I'm Anti-FP Extensions too

    we use them at work and they are nothing but trouble. our sys admin likes them b/c our servers can block FTP access and only allow HTTP(which FP uses), that a bit of increased security.<BR><BR>

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