Greetings Everyone.<BR>IS Anyone familiar with the SA FILEUP?<BR>Okay I have a question they say that when you wish to upload it it you need to include the following ASP script among other scripts. <BR><BR>&#060;% Set upl = Server.CreateObject("SoftArtisans.FileUp") %&#062;<BR> &#060;% upl.SaveAs "C: empupload.out" %&#062;<BR> Total Bytes Written: &#060;%=upl.TotalBytes%&#062;&#060;rb&#062;<BR> Server Filename: &#060;%=upl.ServerName%&#062;&#060;rb&#062;<BR><BR >[Question 1] What does &#060;% upl.SaveAs "C: empupload.out" %&#062; imply ? <BR>Does it mean all files that use this script will be saved with the name upload.out ? It is my desire to just save the file to a folder on my web server.<BR><BR>[Question 2] what info is this suppoed to tell me ? Server Filename: &#060;%=upl.ServerName%&#062; Is it supposed to tell me the name of the file that was uploaded and saved on the server ?<BR><BR>-----<BR>[Additional Question] This question is a little bit separate from the SA File Component questions.<BR>Let&#039s pretend a person uploaded a file to my web server with extensions that could include either pic, gif, bmp etc. Is there a quick way to rename the file and keep the extension ? <BR>I figure i would just rename it with their email address. before the @ symbol. My idea would be to possibly change the name before it was uploaded to the server or rename it on the server.<BR><BR>or how would you all keep track who uploaded each file ? <BR>THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE .<BR>SINCERELY YOURS,<BR>STEPHEN OF NEW YORK